Educ8d + Gifted (EG) is more then just a clothing line.  It's a brand, culture and lifestyle. EG is founded on the principles that we are all a student of life and we all have a gift to offer. While combining urban culture with modern design, we trade on passionate individuality and knowing that what we wear is as much a part of who we are as where we come from. It’s an attitude; it’s a way of embracing our differences, our roots and how we came to be where we stand right now.


We are all teachers in our own way. Each of us carries around a wealth of knowledge that exists only within us, and whether we realize it or not we have as much to give as we do to learn. Education is not only for the rich or the privileged. It is not the exclusive realm of an entitled few. One doesn’t have to travel far to realize that a new story waits around every corner, and that each and every one we encounter is gifted with a truth that is unique to them.


Flaunt your gifts. Go in style!

Show the world what you are: Educ8d + Gifted!


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